5 best practices for your ecommerce in 2024

Ecommerce continues to grow exponentially every year, driven by convenience and expanding internet access across the world. According to data from eMarketer/Insider Intelligence, ecommerce is expected to exceed US$200 billion in Latin America in 2026.

However, with the growth of ecommerce, threats and challenges also arise that ecommerce owners need to face. Discover the main threats faced by ecommerce in terms of fraud and sales security, as well as good practices that ecommerce companies should follow in 2024.

Increased ecommerce sales and market statistics

Ecommerce sales have seen impressive growth in recent years. Data from eMarketer/Insider Intelligence also reveals that the estimate is that by 2026, the electronic retail segment will grow by double digits each year. Thus, in 2026, Latin America will be the fastest growing market for ecommerce.

However, despite this expansion, when analyzed globally, Latin America's representation is still small. In 2026, it is estimated that the region will account for only 2.8% of the total ecommerce transactions carried out in the world, which further reveals the impact of ecommerce across the globe. 

This growth is driven by the increasing adoption of technology, increasing internet access around the world and consumer preference for online shopping. However, this growth also attracts the attention of criminals and fraudsters, who see ecommerce as an opportunity to carry out illegal activities.

Ecommerce owners face threats such as payment fraud, counterfeit products, identity theft, data breaches and cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is of great importance that entrepreneurs and decision-makers in online stores are prepared to face these threats and protect their businesses and, of course, their customers.

Good practices for ecommerce in 2024

Faced with so much potential for gain and risk, it is more than necessary to be ready and attentive to market movements, preparing the online environment for increasingly secure transactions. Check out what is possible to do among the best practices for 2024:

Brand monitoring across different sources

It’s important to constantly monitor your brand’s presence across different platforms and channels. This includes social networks, forums, review sites and marketplaces. Monitoring allows you to identify fraudulent activities, fake negative reviews, and the actions of unfair competitors. Use brand monitoring tools like Brand Protection to receive real-time alerts about mentions of your brand and take immediate action to protect your reputation.

Trademark Registration

Register your brand in all relevant and necessary jurisdictions. Trademark registration offers legal protection against unauthorized use or misappropriation of your brand by third parties. Furthermore, registration allows you to take legal action in case of trademark infringement and misuse.

Agile takedown

Be prepared to act quickly in cases of trademark infringement. When you identify counterfeit products or illegal content that infringes your copyright, send takedown requests to the respective marketplaces, hosting providers, and social media platforms. Taking quick action can help minimize the negative impact on your brand and protect your customers from counterfeit products or harmful content. Brand Protection also takes down fraudulent accounts.

Brand protection as an ongoing process

Protecting your brand is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process. Regularly monitor activities related to your brand, update your registration as necessary, and always be aware of threats and trends in the market. Stay up to date on brand protection best practices and willing to adjust your strategies as needed.

Using technology to protect yourself.

Technology plays a crucial role in protecting your brand. Count on monitoring and cybersecurity solutions, as well as fraud protection tools to protect your ecommerce against threats. Automate processes whenever possible to speed detection and response to fraudulent activity.

The continuous growth of ecommerce brings with it challenges and threats for ecommerce owners and decision makers, after all, fraud and online schemes are increasingly common. Therefore, it is essential to be prepared and adopt good practices to protect your brand, your business, and your customers. At every stage, ClearSale has the ideal security solution to protect all business models. Count on those who most understand cybersecurity.