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Online shoppers expect more than ever before.

They want seamless omnichannel experiences, from in-store to online, social to chatbots, augmented reality to metaverse and more. Their personal information is sacred and must be protected. And they are unforgiving if a purchase is declined.

The pressure on ecommerce retailers is at an all-time high.

While your fraud prevention team may have solid industry experience, what’s your plan to expand into unknown markets—especially in countries with rampant fraud? How do they stay ahead of policy abuse and other emerging fraud trends? Can they feasibly apply the same rigor to orders during peak sales periods?

ClearSale’s custom solutions provide the fraud expertise, data-driven CX advice and additional resources your enterprise ecommerce business needs—when you need it.

“Companies are siloed with only their own customer order data. But when they augment with ClearSale and the solutions we offer, they start to see trends—within their industry, their region and beyond. It opens up an entire world of possibilities where they can stop fraud they’ve never recognized before and still provide the best customer experience.”

Rick Sunzeri Rick Sunzeri, ClearSale Client Solutions Director

"ClearSale allows us to focus on running a business instead of fighting fraud. We were skeptical, but ClearSale has proved themselves time and time again. We couldn’t be happier with their performance."

  • Enterprise-Level Experience
  • Customized Solutions
  • Highest Approval Rates
  • Carefully Designed Customer Interactions
  • Innovative Approach
  • Customized Pricing
  • Business Process Consulting

Enterprise-Level Experience

Enterprise-Level Experience Enterprise-Level Experience

More than 20 years of experience with over 6,000 clients around the world has made ClearSale an authority on ecommerce fraud prevention.

“Our experience in some of the world’s most rampant fraud regions sets our solutions apart. We’ve seen and fought nearly every type of fraud scheme. With our fraud scoring and insights, we can help you expand aggressively and safely.”

David Fletcher, ClearSale, Senior Vice President David Fletcher, ClearSale, Senior Vice President

We help clients build sustainable fraud teams through education and training. Our data scientists and fraud analysts help identify complex schemes that pose a threat to customer loyalty and trust.

During peak sales periods, our expert fraud analysts augment under-staffed teams, while pointing out opportunities to reduce friction and improve CX across channels.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions Customized Solutions

Enterprise fraud prevention is never one-size-fits-all. Your enterprise ecommerce business has its own unique set of challenges to address and customization is necessary to account for those business, industry, regional and other needs.

What’s more, these challenges constantly fluctuate, adding even more to your fraud team’s already full plate.

At ClearSale, we balance your knowledge of your own business with what we know about fraud and CX to boost our understanding of your exact fraud prevention needs.

The result: Custom solutions that give you an immediate competitive advantage.


You know … We know …

Your most profitable products

How to analyze and prioritize across product verticals.

Using data science about global purchasing and fraud behavior, we recommend the solutions that will yield the most sales.

Your general customer profiles

What drives customer attitudes and behavior.

Based on our original research, we help your team develop processes and procedures that meet your customers where they are, improving their experience and comfort.

Your VIP customers

How to leverage VIP service without sacrificing security and safety.

Approve lists brief well, but they deny you valuable data about VIP purchasing behavior and expose your business to fraud. Instead, we tailor our playbooks to flag VIP customer transactions for expedited analysis and approvals.

Your target markets

Global ecommerce trends and cross-border ecommerce success tactics.

Depending on your growth targets, we can advise the best way to scale across industries, regions, continents and countries

Your sales channels

What customers want across channels and how fraudsters find omnichannel vulnerabilities.

Our experience reaches across sales channels: traditional online, social, mobile, AR/VR, chatbots, IoT and the metaverse.

We know what customers want and expect from enterprise retailers, from payment methods to checkout experience to friction thresholds. And we have precise data that pinpoints how fraudsters operate in each channel.

Your valid transaction thresholds

How to anticipate and recognize fraud.

Our fraud analysts work with enterprise ecommerce retailers in virtually every part of the world. We train your team to identify common fraud tactics, such as account takeover, phishing, gift card fraud and coupon abuse.

Using a combination of machine learning, transaction flagging and selective secondary review, we help your team improve approval rates and reduce false declines.


Highest Approval Rates

Highest Approval Rates Highest Approval Rates

Most of your incoming orders are valid … including the ones you might have already auto-declined while reading this.

Every minute of the day, enterprise businesses lose revenue to false declines. That’s why we recommend to never auto-decline. We also don’t rely solely on filters or deny lists.

Instead, our hybrid approach uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, making automatic approvals easy for most orders. If an order looks suspicious, it’s flagged for secondary review by the largest analyst team in the world with 1,500+ experienced data scientists and fraud analysts, available 24/7/365 to deliver timely, accurate decisions.

During sales peaks, we can even augment dedicated fraud teams, so your order processing continues without unnecessary delays.

The result: More approvals and happier customers.

Carefully Designed Customer Interactions

Carefully Designed Customer Interactions Carefully Designed Customer Interactions

In an ideal world, your fraud protection solution should never bother your customers. However, it’s critical to customer experience that you don’t accidentally approve a fraudulent order or decline a valid one.

If an order can’t be automatically approved or validated through secondary review, we will go as far as contacting the customer, but only at your request.

Our goal is to make all customer interactions pleasant, supportive and hassle-free.

Innovative Approach

Innovative Approach Innovative Approach

As a ClearSale client, your fraud team gains ultra-experienced resources-on-the-ready to help you approve more orders and detect fraud with greater accuracy. Here’s our multi-tiered team approach.

  1. It starts with a data scientist who performs pre- and post-sales batch analysis to detect patterns and potential opportunities for improvement. We share that data at regular intervals to help your team better understand your customers’ purchasing habits, making it easier to identify fraudsters.
  2. We continually calibrate our proprietary statistical model as new fraud patterns emerge, and we run detailed control group analyses for optimum quality assurance.
  3. Using data science and analysis, we perform secondary reviews on suspicious orders. Skilled fraud analysts assess orders based on moving average performance levels, incoming order profiles, language, industry segment, and more. As more orders are processed, our system’s AI becomes more adept at automatically detecting fraud.

All this adds up to smarter, faster, more accurate approvals with every passing day.

Customized Pricing

Customized Pricing Customized Pricing

With custom solutions comes customized pricing. It’s all about what works best to achieve your business goals and needs. Client pricing falls into three categories. KPI-based pricing, performance-based pricing and custom pricing.

icon-EnterpriseBusinesses-6a KPI Pricing

KPI-based pricing starts with a negotiated retainer and SLA with specific, monthly KPI thresholds. If those thresholds aren’t met, a predetermined discount is deducted from your quarterly invoice.


Performance-based pricing Performance-based pricing

Performance-based pricing assigns a fixed fee for every approved transaction determined by sales volume, how you plan to use our solution, and your industry and risk profile.


Custom pricing Custom pricing

Custom pricing is a hybrid approach that combines KPIs and performance measures to determine a rate and discount structure.

Business Process Consulting

Business Process Consulting Business Process Consulting

Our industry experts can help enterprise businesses with virtually any ecommerce-related issue, from fraud prevention strategies to ecommerce platform evaluations to customer experience tactics. 

Not only do we increase approval rates, reduce false declines and mitigate chargeback resolutions, our fraud consultants and customer success team strive to identify the source of these issues and resolve them with the help of finance, operations, marketing and other departments.

Working With ClearSale

Trust is as essential within partnerships as they are between companies and their customers. That trust can only be achieved through full transparency in reports, trends, and every data point shared. A trusting and transparent partnership involves open communication, account support, and a business agreement that designs incentives for success. 

At ClearSale, that is our promise to you: A trusting, transparent process and a healthy, success-driven working relationship.


With 20+ years of experience and 6,000+ customers around the world,we bring extensive industry-specific ecommerce fraud experience.

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"The product is great. We've never had a complaint from day 1. The setup was easy. And the continued service has been exceptional. With a product like this, you want it to work behind the scenes without ever thinking about it. That's ClearSale. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and never causes us troubles."

Nathan N.


They are great!

"The competitive rates, their quick response to customer service"

Daniel Esteban C


Excellent service - both timeliness and fraud control

"I have always received immediate response and minimal fraud rejection -- which leads to increased sales."



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"Quick fraud detection on all orders. Ease of use on the platform. Never had a chargeback."


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