Drone Delivery: The Future of Ecommerce

The eCommerce industry would be nothing without the internet. Ever since 1991, when the internet became available to the public, businesses began to sell their products online, creating what we know as the eCommerce industry. It is evident that we have come a long way since the emergence of the internet, but with the constant advancements in technology, the eCommerce industry has been growing at an exponential rate. 

Because of these technological advancements, everything is becoming more convenient not only for consumers but for retailers as well. Consumers are able to buy and sell products with the simple press of the button, while retailers have the ability to access consumer data so they can create a more personalized experience for all of their customers. Technology has truly revolutionized the eCommerce industry, and the implementation of drones will take the eCommerce industry to new heights. Due to the fact that we live in an instantaneous society, consumers would like to have their products as soon as possible. 

That being said, retailers are thinking of innovative ways to cut down the delivery times so they can increase their conversion rates and revenue.  Not only will the implementation of delivery drones save businesses time and money during the last-mile, but it will also appeal to the instantaneous needs of their customers. It is said that by 2020, there will be 7 million drones in the air and that the commercial sales of drones will reach $2.7 million. To put this in perspective, there are only just under 40,000 planes in operation today. Therefore it is evident that the use of delivery drones will truly reshape the eCommerce industry. 

Believe it or not, retailers such as Amazon, UPS, and Dominos are already taking advantage of this technology. Products such as morning espressos, pizzas, and valuable medical supplies have already reached their destinations. However, the commercial use of these drones has yet to be permitted. Integrating this complex technology takes time and these retailers must abide by the rules and guidelines that the FAA sets in place to ensure the safety of the general public. Falling drones and package safety are only some of the many concerns that the FAA and the general public have, but before consumers are able to choose “drone delivery” as a shipping option, these retailers must address these concerns and prove that these drones have the capabilities to complete these tasks. 

The commercial use of delivery drones is on the horizon. For more detailed information on how delivery drones can affect the eCommerce industry and your business, take a look at this infographic that Wikibuy created. This will help you determine how the utilization of delivery drones will add value to your business and create a better shopping experience for your customers.