Considering a Fraud Managed Services Solution? Our New eBook Can Help

Businesses who believe they’re immune to credit card fraud might be surprised to find the opposite is true. Whether you’re a big-box retailer or a mom-and-pop shop, fraudsters are taking aim at your products, revenue and customer confidence through attacks that are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to stop with antiquated fraud protection solutions.

Successful businesses need to be prepared for the inevitable attack by implementing a fraud protection solution that will protect their revenue yet ensure a frictionless customer experience.

But what is the best solution?

ClearSale’s latest e-book, Is a Fraud Managed Services Solution Right for Your Business, looks at the best ways to protect your growing business from credit card fraud and chargeback fees — from simple device fingerprinting to an approach that merges human analysis with artificial intelligence.

We’ll help you make this “apples vs. oranges” choice by addressing your specific fraud protection needs and analyzing the function each solution performs and their overall value proposition. You may find that a complete or partial managed services solution — an outsourced program that incorporates a full fraud protection strategy, chargeback management strategies and a team of experienced analysts working on your behalf — is exactly what your business needs to succeed.

Offering benefits like real-time screening and human analysis, a managed services solution can help a range of businesses establish or complement a fraud protection team. And with the increased sophistication of fraudsters, your business can never be secure enough.

Selecting an experienced, flexible fraud prevention provider will better position your business to fight fraud, reduce false declines and increase revenue. If you want to learn more about why ClearSale’s fraud managed services solution could be right for your business, contact our trusted team of fraud prevention analysts by contacting us today.


Is a Fraud Managed Services Solution Right for Your Business?