Grow Your E-Commerce Sales Safely With Our New E-Book

As a business owner, you are probably aware that fraud exists, but do you know how much it might be affecting your bottom line?

By 2018, there will be a total expected loss of $6 billion due to Card Not Present (CNP) fraud. That kind of loss could put a business in real peril if they aren’t careful. Fraud comes in many different forms, and retailers need to be wary of all kinds of possibilities in order to protect themselves against it.

Not sure where to start? ClearSale has you covered. Our newest e-book, Online Credit Card Fraud Risk: The Ultimate Guide to Growing E-Commerce Sales Safely, will provide you a step-by-step guide through the complex world of retail fraud and what you can do about it. We’ll show you what credit card fraud looks like, how it can hurt you, and techniques proven to fight it – so you can protect your business, your profits, and your customers.

Understanding fraudsters and their methods will empower you to take the necessary steps to fight fraud, retain your customer’s loyalty and increase your legitimate sales. If you are interested in finding a third party fraud management solution, we also give you some vital questions to ask yourself before choosing the right partner for your business needs.

At ClearSale, we are dedicated to educating merchants about fraud and how to protect themselves especially with the recent increases in the US. This e-book is just one way to let you know that although fraud is a troublesome issue, you have the power to protect your company and grow it safely.

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