iDrinkCoffee: Gaining a Much-Needed Jolt of Fraud Protection

Ontario-based iDrinkCoffee appreciates the art of getting coffee from bean to cup, and that passion is reflected in the products they sell. Their online store features a range of coffee and tea selections as well as top-of-the-line coffee and espresso machines and accessories.

While these high-end products are desired by coffee connoisseurs, they’re also extremely attractive to fraudsters: The company had experienced an increase in fraudulent transactions, with some attempts hitting almost six figures. And this increased risk was causing the company to redirect valuable time and energy away from business development and onto fraud protection. It became clear that iDrinkCoffee needed to find a fraud protection partner that was as passionate about stopping fraud as the company was about coffee.

The ClearSale Solution: Delivering Immediate Results

Enter ClearSale and their Total Guaranteed Protection solution that promised to minimize iDrinkCoffee’s exposure to fraudsters while preventing costly false declines — a combination that would offer a nice bump to the company’s bottom line.

After partnering with ClearSale, iDrinkCoffee couldn’t be more pumped up about their results — and that’s not just the caffeine talking. The business now has the peace of mind that comes from knowing a trusted partner is keeping a 24/7/365 eye on fraud. But even more importantly, they have realized an 8.6% increase in approval rates and a 75% reduction on fraud attempts.

“I have been in e-commerce since the late 1990s and have a pretty good sense of fraud,” explains Slawek Janicki, Chief Caffeine Director. “But all it takes is one successful fraud attempt or one false decline to set us back a long way. With ClearSale taking care of our fraud management, it takes the anxiety and guesswork out of it, so I don’t have to worry.”

These accomplishments are just the tip of the iceberg for iDrinkCoffee and ClearSale’s team of seasoned fraud analysts. Read the iDrinkCoffee case study to learn more about the benefits ClearSale delivered. Then when you’re ready to learn more about protecting your growing business with our robust combination of machine learning and trained human analysis, just contact us.