Multiple G2 Grid® Reports Seat ClearSale as Fraud Protection Leader

Spring 2022 Grid Reports place innovative ecommerce fraud platform at the top on Grid and Index reports


MIAMI, FL (March 30, 2022) -- Global ecommerce fraud protection leader, ClearSale (, has been named as a leader in the G2 ( Grid Spring 2022 Fraud Protection Report as well as a leader in the Fraud Detection Grid Spring 2022 report. ClearSale also appeared in strong positions across many of the other Spring 2022 fraud prevention and detection category reports, being recognized as a leader in several.

ClearSale G2 Grid Fraud Protection Software-March 2022

The Grid reports from G2 are released quarterly and use data sources, like social media, along with verified customer reviews to produce scoring on fraud protection solutions. These reports are used by buyers to help make important software purchase decisions.

ClearSale was named as a leader in the following reports:

  • Grid Report for E-commerce Fraud Protection | Spring 2022
  • Small Business Grid Report for E-commerce Fraud Protection | Spring 2022
  • Grid Report for Fraud Detection| Spring 2022

Additionally, ClearSale appeared in strong positions in multiple G2 Index reports for the Spring 2022 quarter. Each Index report for both Fraud Prevention and Detection is broken down into a Small Business, Mid-Market, and overall Index rating. 

ClearSale held a spot in the top three for nearly every Fraud Protection Index report, earning the top category spots on the Implementation Index, Small Business Results, Small Business Relationship, and Mid-Market Usability reports. For the Fraud Detection category, ClearSale was both a Grid Report leader and landed the number one spot in the Implementation Index category.

“The G2 results are always important to us,” said Rafael Lourenco, EVP at ClearSale. “These reviews come from real customers and are the result of the dedicated, innovative, and knowledgeable team that builds the product and helps keep our customers happy. It’s been a busy and rewarding year for ClearSale, and being recognized as a Grid Leader proves we are pointed in the right direction.”

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About ClearSale

ClearSale (B3: CLSA3) offers the most complete ecommerce fraud protection, combining cutting-edge statistical technology with the world’s largest team of specialized fraud analysts for a balanced, comprehensive, real-world approach. Trusted by over 5,000 customers worldwide and touting a 99% retention rate, ClearSale is the first company to offer chargeback guarantees and the largest company focused on global card-not-present fraud prevention. ClearSale helps businesses prevent fraudulent chargebacks without interfering with the online shopping experience. As a result, clients can sell more, safely, even in dynamic or challenging international markets. Visit Clear.Sale for more information, follow on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter @ClearSaleUS, and subscribe to ClearSale’s podcast Gateway to E-Commerce.


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