Pedro Chiamulera, ClearSale CEO, Featured on Ambitious Radio Network

The ClearSale team is thrilled to share that our CEO—Pedro Chiamulera—had the opportunity to share his entrepreneurial expertise on Doug Parker’s podcast, Ambitious Radio. Ambitious Radio is a weekly podcast that was created to feature today’s most influential thought leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs and to tap the knowledge, advice and expertise from each interviewee’s diverse experiences. These podcasts are meant to inspire and motivate start-up leaders and fellow entrepreneurs seeking guidance.  

Pedro enjoyed discussing his history as a two-time Olympic athlete and shared with Doug that he cites the dedication and strong will he gained through competing in sports as the reason behind his success in business. Being an athlete also taught Pedro the importance of self-discipline which has fueled him in his business endeavors and allowed him to persevere in times of hardship. When asked about the necessary traits a good leader must have, Pedro noted that the ability to problem-solve is indispensable to running a company. His experience working in risk management has taught him that it is impossible to live a life free of risk; the key in managing risk is a willingness to be flexible and create unique solutions. And while it may seem that Pedro never allows himself a moment of rest, in this interview he shares with Doug that allowing himself time to unwind and clear his head has been extremely conducive to his success.

If you’re interested in hearing Pedro’s feature on Ambitious Radio or if you’d like to hear more of Doug Parker’s podcasts, check it out here!