ClearSale Innovation Day

To promote innovation in day-to-day business, the event included lectures, displays and interactive rooms. The entire event was prepared by the employees, who occupied all five floors of the building with extremely creative ideas and activities. Among them were the "Innovation Room", created by the Commercial area, where people could feel different sensations and escape from the norm. The "CEO for a Day" room, put together by the Financial area, allowed employees to make decisions using a simulator as if they were actually the company CEO.The Welcome and Theater Rooms, prepared by the Human Development (UAH) Department, got people to interact and find a new way of thinking.

Innovation is a very strong concept at ClearSale. We value all sorts of innovation - creating a new product, a new anti-fraud technology, process optimization or simple changes in our day-to-day activities that can reinvent how we work so we deliver the best to our clients.

"It's great to see all the areas interacting with each other. ClearSale is continuously growing, so it's important that we stop for a minute, take stock, and learn about what is going on in other areas. I really liked everything I saw ... the lectures added a lot, they increased our personal and professional knowledge, and the displays were OUTSTANDING! Furthermore, it's important to encourage innovation so we don't all just switch to autopilot. The message we take away from this type of event is: "HEY, WAKE UP, LET'S GO. IT'S TIME TO GET OUT OF THE BOX, LET'S INNOVATE". These events release our creative side, and when we look at things from different angles, we find things that can and should be looked at and tried. This will bring fantastic ideas for ClearSale and our customers," said Amanda Silva, Operation ClearSale Facilitator.

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