Survey: Men Experience More Online Shopping Fraud

Male shoppers are more likely to experience online shopping fraud than female shoppers. New research from ClearSale of over a thousand U.S. consumers that shop online at least once every few months finds men are the victims of fraud—both in-store and online—at significantly higher rates than women. Thirty-five percent of men report being the victim of fraud at an online store vs. 20 percent of women.

The research also revealed that men value getting a good deal on a quality item over shopping on a secure website more than females do—40 percent of men cited a good deal was a priority over 28 percent of women.

Only 35 percent of women feel very confident about purchasing products from overseas merchants, while 57 percent of men are confident with shopping cross-border sites, according to ClearSale. And 40 percent of men think that retailers are overly cautious about fraud protection, but very few women—only 17 percent—feel the same. Men have experienced higher rates of false declines (35 percent vs 20 percent) according to the survey.

Women are more forgiving to retailers

If a merchant declines a payment, only 27 percent of women would never shop with them again. Thirty-nine percent of men, however, would avoid the merchant again in the future.

If a payment is denied, only 19 percent of women said they would post something negative on social media while 32 percent of men reported the same.

If a fraud experience occurs with a site, only 12.4 percent of women would never visit that retailer again, compared to 25 percent of men who say their loyalty would be impacted.

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