Helping Employees Balance Their Personal and Professional Lives

From Monday to Friday -- and for some, even on Saturday and Sunday -- we feel the pressure to work and produce results. Many employees may feel they lack any time to concentrate on personal achievements or devote to their families. Trying to balance the work-home life may feel increasingly stressful and difficult to accomplish.

But just because this is the way that it's been, doesn't mean that's the way it has to be. Why not test another way to live and work? Why not combine your professional life with your personal goals?

This is what ClearSale's CEO, Pedro Chiamulera, thought when he decided to transform one hour of the workday on Tuesday into a moment of exchange, learning and development for his employees. "I want people to work here because they identify themselves as being part of our organization, not just because of their wages," emphasized Pedro. Today, more than 800 employees enjoy this one hour of integration the company offers each week.

The company's Educational Management team organizes these weekly activities, which are designed to foster employee development in a conscious, productive and persistent way, while also considering the growth of employees and their professional sides. The team welcomes suggestions from employees and does its best to incorporate these suggestions into the weekly activities.

The employee who suggests the topic is encouraged to lead the weekly session, which offers these employees opportunities for additional growth and development and the chance to share experiences. During the sessions, called T!, employees share life stories, discuss thematic issues and exchange personal knowledge. It's become so popular that the one-hour session occasionally spills over into Wednesdays.

"Psychology believes that we're the result of our choices. But how many of these choices are really the ones we wanted to have made?" stresses Leonardo Dalecio, psychologist and analyst of human development at ClearSale. Leonardo appreciates that ClearSale has provided him a space to express himself, share and grow, both personally and professionally. These weekly sessions have also helped drive positive results throughout the firm reinvigorating employees to be excited about what they do, and not just performing because they feel obligated to do so.

It's not always easy for employees to strike the right balance between work and personal lives. But through initiatives like these, ClearSale is helping to create synergy and help employees love what they do.

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