ClearSale and BigCommerce Prep Ecommerce Small Business

ClearSale and BigCommerce have come together to help small businesses address fraud as the holiday shopping season fast approaches. And this year, more than any other year, primarily driven by the pandemic, more people are going to be shopping online. This means fraudsters are also going to be just as busy.

In addition to the criminals, small businesses also need to ensure they do not make false declines from legitimate customers. This is especially important because, according to ClearSale, 33% of online shoppers say they will never shop with you again. What is more, 25% will likely get on social media and talk about their negative experience. That’s not good all around.

ClearSale and BigCommerce Partner for Ecommerce Sellers

The false declines might be higher this holiday shopping season for small businesses because there will be first time customers. And because these customers do not have purchase history, false declines are likely to take place, according to Denise Purtzer, ClearSale’s VP of Partnership.

In the release announcing the collaboration with BigCommerce, Purtzer adds, “Fraudulent charges are damaging to a merchant, but many are surprised to hear that false declines are even more damaging. We want to help online retailers walk the line between not declining valid purchases and blocking fraudulent ones.”

The key, as with most things in life, is finding a balance. ClearSale says it provides a solution that protects your business from fraud, while ensuring you do not turn down good customers. By combining advanced statistical technology along with fraud analysts, you can have a balanced approach to protecting your online sales.

Once you have the right solution in place you can get rid of chargebacks, make quick payment decisions, and increase your approval rates. With this type of security and reliability, you can start selling in more markets while accommodating sales peaks during this upcoming holiday shopping season or any other time of year.

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