Shift4Shop Partners with ClearSale to Deliver Comprehensive Ecommerce Fraud Protection

Shift4Shop offers its merchants higher approval rates and virtually eliminates chargebacks through its partnership with leading fraud protection provider ClearSale.

International fraud protection leader ClearSale announced today that it inked a partnership with leading ecommerce platform Shift4Shop. This featured partnership offers Shift4Shop customers advanced card-not-present fraud protection that combines machine learning with human expertise to deliver the industry’s highest order approvals and lowest rates of false positives. Customers using ClearSale will also receive guaranteed protection from costly fraud-related chargebacks.

“We are proud to have a partner like ClearSale, a company that shares our commitment to safety and security for our online merchants,” explained Gonzalo Gil, Shift4Shop CEO. “This will provide our stores with the kind of top-notch transactional security that allows businesses to focus on their own growth rather than worrying about fraud. We strive to provide the best quality ecommerce services to our clients, so partnering with ClearSale is an obvious choice for us.”

“Becoming a Shift4Shop featured partner is quite exciting, as we are building a strong relationship to offer Shift4Shop customers the same services that our major retail clients worldwide rely on to stop fraud,” said Rafael Lourenco, ClearSale EVP and Partner. “We’re always here for our clients, with proprietary AI-based tools that analyze orders for signs of fraud, plus the world’s largest manual review team to make sure valued customers aren’t turned away in error. Our fraud prevention capabilities and Shift4Shop's  ecommerce resources are a winning combination for merchants.”

ClearSale is the largest global company focused on preventing card-not-present fraud. In addition to its partnership with Shift4Shop, ClearSale serves more than 3,000 direct clients worldwide, including Walmart, Chanel, and Sony. Using ClearSale’s comprehensive fraud protection solution, Shift4Shop customers can sell without fear of ecommerce fraud and enjoy more order approvals, fewer false positives and no fraud-related chargebacks.

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