People love ClearSale, says the LoveMonday Institute - a GlassDoor Company

Until recently, the relationship between between employer and employee was a mystery. Data about salaries, work environment, career plan and other items was disclosed exclusively by Human Resources, and even then, only when extending an offer.  Many times, people found a very different story once they joined, especially when it comes to employee satisfaction, which is much more than just good compensation.

Love Mondays (recently purchased by GlassDoor) has over 75 thousand members, and has brought transparency to the market, as it gathers spontaneous opinions of employees about the companies they work for. The surveys are anonymous so people are free to say what they like or don't like, what the corporate culture is like and any other information that can help users make career choices. It also lists wages by position and by company.

Love Mondays created an annual ranked list of the best rated companies by employees and former employees. Normally four items are considered: compensation and benefits, career opportunities, company culture and quality of life. These are highly valued by professionals and are levers for retaining talents.

ClearSale is extremely proud and happy to announce that it was the best rated company in the region where its main office is located. It scored a whopping 4.49 out of 5 (on a scale of 1 – 5).

"Using a detailed process to integrate all employees regardless of their hierarchy, we have been able to foster a rich exchange of experiences on different themes, from career and life plans through art and music, and many others. We are concerned with the personal development of our employees, which reflects directly on the professional performance of each one. This helps us be certain we are on the right path" added ClearSale CEO Pedro Chiamulera.

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