Success cases in online fraud and chargeback reduction

Merchants may not realize that transactions can be declined for the smallest errors. This may lead to loss of immediate revenue from the purchase, or more importantly, loss of a future loyal customer. As data breaches and fraud rises, security restrictions are becoming tighter. The need for hands-on fraud management for every merchant is now vital. ClearSale offers a unique solution for retailers that deploys a tactical balance of integrated technology, statistical intelligence, and an in-house team of agile, problem-solving analysts.

Check InterConnection's success case and ParanaLentes' success case to learn more how we enable these retailers to achieve great results in:

  • Revenue increase
  • Transaction approvals increase 
  • Cross-border transactions increase
  • And much more

All of them with zero chargeback costs, thanks to our Total Guaranteed Protection Solution. Total Guaranteed Protection service shields clients from the expenses of fraud-related chargebacks and false declines to protect their bottom lines and chargeback ratios. Our 700-plus employees deliver an industry-leading combination of machine learning and human intelligence to not only spot fraud and validate legitimate purchases but also to keep pace with emerging fraud behaviors and the intricacies of friendly fraud schemes. Our solution also lets businesses make headway into international and cross-border markets without assuming undue fraud risks or turning away valid offshore customers.

By partnering with ClearSale, merchants see an increase in the number of transactions, a revenue boost, no-fee guarantee against chargebacks, and the independence to focus on your core business. Don’t suffer fraud again, let us give you the freedom to sell.

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