What differentials does ClearSale bring to the North-American market?

However, there is no question that the North-American market is far more consolidated than Brazil in this area. One example of this is the 16th edition of MRC (Merchant Risk Council), one of the largest fraud prevention events held every year in Las Vegas, bringing together almost 1,000 industry professionals and over 400 technology and service vendors. However, these vendors offer technology and tools for retailers and merchants do do their own fraud management, and what we offer is something quite different. Although we brought with us our sophisticated technology, when it comes to tools and resources we are completely agnostic. We will use the best the market has to offer, including a wide range of third party sources of data for comprehensive and efficient fraud management. Our goal is to truly resolve the issue of fraud, leaving retailers free to focus on their core business, which is to sell their goods and services!

Our market leadership position in our country of origin is the result of intense and optimum use of all the technology available, and our ability to quickly react and respond to voracious fraud attacks, deploying integrated management of technology, statistical intelligence and people.  I sometimes compare our solution to an actual war. We don't sell the war tanks or the technology for someone else to fight the war. We are right up there in the front line, fighting fraud with all our tools and our people. This makes a difference in how we understand fraud, fraudsters and the consequences and the pain of not handling good consumers very well.  A good buyer is like an innocent victim of war. We cannot allow that to happen. Good buyers should not suffer the effects of actions perpetrated by cyber-criminals using their personal data to commit fraud.

What we bring to the North-American market is our vision of excellence towards good customers and a thorough understanding of fraudster behaviors and mindsets. Knowing how fraudsters behave and how they think means anticipating how they will act, and that is our main competence. Considering the good consumer means not automatically denying transactions; most of them are actually good and should not suffer the effects of a denial! In 2015, a number of large retailers decided they no longer needed our anti-fraud services and left, but they quickly returned, some of them after suffering huge losses. 

Finally, our vision of efficiency in fighting fraud goes far beyond the intense use of technology. We work at it, we work had at developing a perception of the fraudster, they should learn that fraud will get caught in our trust net! Working with the concept that good buyers are safe, while at the same time keeping fraudsters at bay, is an expertise that requires constant and arduous work to keep up, but the results are huge in terms of the trust merchants may place in the next authentic purchase.

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