A Seamless Online Shopping Experience

The online shopping experience can often make or break customer loyalty. We investigate the tools available to help retailers ensure a seamless and enjoyable online shopping journey for customers to keep them coming back time after time.   

Completed orders are the goal for every ecommerce merchant, and most retailers strive to deliver a customer experience that makes it easy for shoppers to move from browsing to purchase. However, despite years of innovation in CX technologies, the average cart abandonment rate is still high—69.8%. One factor in cart abandonment is a checkout process that’s not optimized to give customers the information they need when they need it, doesn’t make them feel secure, and/or requires too much effort.

These issues can be addressed by making your checkout process more customer-friendly:

Be transparent with your shipping costs and fees

Communicate shipping rates and additional fees like taxes and delivery windows clearly on each page of your site, including checkout pages, so customers don’t feel surprised by the information when they’re ready to pay. 

Offer trustworthy payment solutions

Consumers will abandon a purchase if they don’t trust a site to safely store their credit card information. Even customers who would be comfortable giving their card data can save time by using a digital wallet instead. By offering a single sign-on option like Google or Apple ID, customers can speed through the checkout process quickly and with confidence. 

Don’t require customer account creation

Requiring account creation for purchases adds a lot of friction to the checkout process. Offer it as an option to make repeat purchases and order tracking more convenient, but allow customers to check out as guests so they can buy quickly and then decide if they want to set up an account later. 

Reduce your false decline rate

What if your store’s checkout is beautifully optimized, offers minimal friction, and gives customers the experience they want—but then your fraud program rejects their orders? Many customers will not continue to try their order, and some will post a negative review about the merchant online. It’s a growing problem for merchants that can do long-term damage to their revenue and marketing ROI.

Fully automated fraud control, while inexpensive, can generate high numbers of false declines. AI-powered fraud detection algorithms that incorporate behavioral biometrics and validated data can flag risky orders, and manual review of those orders can prevent fraud while also avoiding false declines. 


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