The Benefits of Using BigCommerce

Are you looking for the right shopping cart software but you do not know where to start? This can be a difficult decision to make but a strong argument can be made for BigCommerce. BigCommerce is one of the best options out there when it comes to shopping cart software and with good reason. BigCommerce is an easy to use program with many incredible features. If you are looking for an eCommerce platform that is reliable and flexible then BigCommerce could be the solution you are looking for. So what is so great about BigCommerce? We are glad you asked. The following are some of the amazing benefits of using BigCommerce as your eCommerce platform. We hope you find this helpful! 

Great Support

When it comes to an eCommerce platform, you want something that will provide you with helpful support when you need it. That is what you will find with BigCommerce. With BigCommerce you will receive 24/7 support so you know that you will be covered in the event of a problem. This will provide you with a greater peace of mind as you seek to efficiently run your business. 

Mobile Friendly

Another great benefit of BigCommerce is that it works great on mobile devices. With options like mobile themes available, you will easily be able to optimize your shopping cart for mobile devices. In this day and age, that is a benefit you cannot be without. 

Sell on Numerous Websites

BigCommerce allows you the flexibility of selling on numerous websites. With BigCommerce you will be able to sell on eBay, Amazon and even Facebook. As you well know, eBay and Amazon are some of the most popular places to go for online shopping. As such, you will not want to be without these options. Utilizing these eCommerce platforms allows you to build a client list and drive traffic to your website. These are benefits you do not want to overlook!

You will also find some great benefits in the ability to sell on Facebook. Facebook allows you to integrate a social aspect into the way you do online sales. The viral dimension of social media is a great method of production promotion and ultimately making sales. 

Product Syndication

BigCommerce has the potential of bringing more traffic to your website with product syndication and shopping feeds. Bigcommerce allows you to easily connect with eCommerce platforms as well as benefit from some popular shopping feeds such as Shopzilla and Google product search.

Customer Loyalty

BigCommerce allows you the possibility of greater customer loyalty with its ability to generate gift cards and coupon codes. BigCommerce also allows you the flexibility to distribute these cards how and when you want, giving you the freedom to structure your marketing in such a way that best benefits your business. 

Easily Manage Returns

BigCommerce give you the capability to easily manage returns with an easy inventory management interface. You really can't be without the ability to easily manage returns when it comes to eCommerce and this feature does the job nicely.

Payment Gateways

Another important feature of BigCommerce is that it supports the major payment gateways. Easily integrate payment gateways such as PayPal and Google Checkout with this shopping cart software to easily accommodate your customers for a convenient shopping experience.

Shipping Providers

Another great benefit of BigCommerce is that it supports all the major shipping providers. Of course, when it comes to online shopping, this is a feature that you cannot be without. With all the major shipping providers supported by this eCommerce platform, you will not be at a loss when it comes to providing your customers with a reliable and convenient shopping experience.

Great for Search Engine Optimization

Of course, search engine optimization is a factor that should not be overlooked when it comes to eCommerce platforms. With BigCommerce you can greatly enhance your SEO with the search engine friendly tools that it provides. With a feature like this, what's not to like?


Not only is BigCommerce one of the most popular eCommerce platforms around, it is also one of the most affordable. This is true both in start up costs and on a long-term basis. With the cost-efficiency that is BigCommerce, you will be able to save money. At the end of the day, it's all about the numbers!

Quick Set Up

With its quick setup time, you will have the benefit of getting your shopping cart up and running quickly and easily. This is a point that should not be overlooked since, as they say, time is money!

User Friendly

BigCommerce is also user friendly. We know you have more important things to worry about than figuring out how to use a new eCommerce platform and you will find a great deal of convenience in being able to quickly set things up and be on you way to what really matters: making money. 

If you are looking for an eCommerce platform that is easy to use and optimizes your money making potential, you will find what you are looking for in BigCommerce. As one of the most popular and most affordable eCommerce platforms out there, there is much to like about this shopping cart software.

Although no e-commerce solution meets every need, it’s important that it helps you engage shoppers and increase legitimate online sales. Your provider may offer free plugins to flag potentially fraudulent transactions, but they aren’t always effective. And if this forces you to manually review online orders, you can’t focus on growing your business.

ClearSale’s Total Guaranteed Protection Solution can immediately increase sales and reduce fraud, regardless of the e-commerce platform you’re using. So if you’re ready to stop manually screening transactions and start building your business, contact one of our fraud protection analysts today.

If you have any questions about BigCommerce or anything related to eCommerce, please let us know. We would love to help you put the tools in place to create a more profitable and enjoyable shopping experience. We hope to hear from you soon!

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