Top 10 Ecommerce Blogs in 2017

When it comes to building your ecommerce business, it helps to learn from people who are doing things right. But with hundreds (thousands?) of blogs out there, you don’t have time to read them all. So fear not: We’ve picked our top 10 favorite ecommerce blogs that will give you the guidance and real-world advice you’ll need to make it big in 2017.

1. Shopify

Plenty of small business owners have already discovered the value of using Shopify to set up and manage their online stores. But even for those who don’t use the Shopify ecommerce platform (and, of course, for those who do), the Shopify blog is a wonderful source for tips on selling all sorts of goods and services on the web, as well as case studies, trend pieces, general marketing advice, podcasts and much more.      

2. eCommerceFuel

If you’re curious about a particular ecommerce topic, chances are Andrew Youderian and Laura Serrino have covered it at some point on their well-regarded and frequently updated eCommerceFuel blog. The posts range from basic ideas for newbies, such as managing cash flow and email marketing, to more specialized topics, like selling controversial products online.

3. Groove

The ecommerce strategy company distills much of its expert advice into good how-to pieces on its ecommerce blog, which touches on subjects ranging from marketing metrics to design tips to SEO tips.   

4. E-Commerce Times

Most of the blogs on this list feature a lot of practical how-to advice for small business owners, but that’s not really the point of the E-Commerce Times, which is more of an industry newsletter than a traditional ecommerce blog. This wide exposure means it’s a great way to stay on top of the latest trends and the big-picture stories that will likely impact multiple areas of your online business. 

5. BigCommerce

The BigCommerce blog is a great place to find actionable how-to posts on everything from writing compelling product copy to increasing SEO effectiveness and upgrading your marketing emails.

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6. Get Elastic

If rankings are your thing, the Get Elastic blog from Elastic Path Software bills itself as the #1 ecommerce blog, with a following of more than 20,000 subscribers. The content here tends to be a little higher-level and less how-to than some of the other blogs on this list and the posts less frequent, but the trend pieces can be enlightening. 

7. Practical Ecommerce

For down-to-earth, put-it-into-practice-today ideas, Practical Ecommerce certainly lives up to its name, with tips and advice that almost any small business owner can act on right away to help improve content, increase conversions and drive sales.  

8. Ecommerce Platforms

Speaking of practical information – for any small business owner looking to comparison shop some of the leading ecommerce platform options, this helpful blog provides the kind of side-by-side analysis and advice that can help make the buying decision a little bit easier.

9. HubSpot

The marketing whizzes at HubSpot lay out a lot of their best ideas for small businesses on their frequently updated ecommerce blog, which runs the topical gamut from building a successful loyalty rewards program to writing better Facebook headlines to segmenting your email lists. Our favorites are the real-world examples of companies getting these things right.  

10. Bootstrapping Ecommerce

Those small business owners just getting started on their ecommerce journey will find plenty of great tips and advice from this blog by Shabbir Nooruddin, which (true to its name) focuses on practical considerations for businesses working to break into the ecommerce world.    

Of course, we’re a big fan of our own ecommerce blog, which covers a range of topics all focused around growing online sales safely and securely, to ensure maximum profitability. And we’re interested: What topics would you like to see us cover in 2017?

Reach out to us and let us know what information would help you be successful in the year ahead. We’d love to put your input into action!

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