ClearSale’s $15.5 Million in New Sales Part of Strong Q4 Earnings Report

Innovative risk prevention provider’s balance of growth and profit results in historic end of fiscal year earnings.


MIAMI, FL (May 24, 2023) -- Global business intelligence and risk prevention provider ClearSale ( has released its financial results from the fourth quarter of 2022, showing a 15.1% increase in Net Revenue over the same quarter of 2021. The company’s impressive end of year earnings included an 11.4% increase over 2021, totaling more than USD$102 million.

ClearSale’s Adjusted Gross Margin returned to pre-IPO levels, with the company’s success in 2022, and in particular in Q4, following changes to both direction and organizational structure. During the year, the company shifted strategy to balance growth with profitability, resulting in a 15.1% growth rate in Q4 of 2022, compared with Q1’s 7.6% growth rate.

“The equilibrium strategy we put into place gave us historic movement in growth and acquisition of new customers,” ClearSale EVP and Partner, Rafael Lourenco, noted, referring to the addition of more than USD $15 million in new sales. “It also gave us the opportunity to better serve existing customers, giving us the lowest churn rate in the organization’s history.”

The company also adjusted its organizational structure, diving into three business units - Ecommerce, Application Fraud, and New Ventures. These divisions will each be responsible for P&L, product development, customer success, and more within the group, with the goal of supporting greater agility and increased focus on the customer.

These changes, and the associated growth and profitability, have not changed ClearSale’s position as a customer service leader and as an employer of choice. The company enjoyed its 12th consecutive listing in the Great Place To Work (GPTW) rankings and was also honored with a GPTW Woman ranking as well. Similarly, ClearSale was recognized by EXAME magazine as among the best companies in the financial services category and awarded Silver in the Best Performance Award at the Financial Innovation event in Sao Paulo in November.

“It’s important to us that, while we focus on growth and profits, we remember the core of our organization is people,” said Eduardo Monaco, who just recently was named CEO at ClearSale. “That, of course, includes our customers, but it must also encompass the amazing team at ClearSale who make all of this possible.”

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About ClearSale

ClearSale (B3: CLSA3) offers the most complete ecommerce fraud protection, combining cutting-edge statistical technology with the world’s largest team of specialized fraud analysts for a balanced, comprehensive, real-world approach. Trusted by over 6,000 customers worldwide and touting a 99% retention rate, ClearSale is the first company to offer chargeback guarantees and the largest company focused on global card-not-present fraud prevention. ClearSale helps businesses prevent fraudulent chargebacks without interfering with the online shopping experience. As a result, clients can sell more, safely, even in dynamic or challenging international markets. Visit Clear.Sale for more information, follow on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter @ClearSaleUS, and subscribe to ClearSale’s podcast Gateway to Ecommerce.





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