Global Pioneer and Proven Leader in Fraud Protection Solutions

ClearSale protects a merchant’s business by sorting orders and giving an accurate determination of fraud risk. Their manual review process ensures that suspect transactions are never denied outright, providing the highest approval rates industry-wide and virtually eliminating false positives. ClearSale manages the key performance indicators of CNP fraud management such as chargeback losses, rejected orders, fraud, response time, etc., providing end-to-end fraud management and prevention services so that merchants are free to focus on their core business. They are a 24/7 fraud prevention company, and they are always looking for and leveraging the best in the industry (tools, technologies, people, etc.).

Below is our interview with Rafael Lourenco, EVP of ClearSale:

Q: You’ve recently announced the release of integration module for eCommerce platform Zoey; could you tell us something more?

A: Our integration with Zoey is just one of the e-commerce platforms we are now fully integrated into. We also provide seamless protection for merchants that use: Stripe, Opencart, Volusion, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, and WooCommerce, just to name a few.

We invest a lot of time into making the integration process as smooth as possible for every merchant. The integrations allow retailers to easily leverage the industry-leading fraud prevention tools from ClearSale through their preferred e-commerce platform.

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Q: What is the story behind ClearSale, how did you start?

A: ClearSale was originally started by former two time Olympic athlete, Pedro Chiamulera, in 2001. Tapping his degree in computer science from Point Loma University, he created the technology for the first anti-fraud system for Submarino (B2W) and C&A, two of Brazil’s largest retailers. As he saw the need for sustainable fraud management increase, he expanded ClearSale’s solution with advanced technology and investment in our in-house team of skilled fraud analysts.

Q: Why is CNP fraud so important?

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