Why Building a Professional Is Far More Valuable Than Hiring One

When we look at the framework of "outside the box" activities that make up the education management component of ClearSale's business, our Affinity Groups have been some of the most popular. Aiming at the integration, development, rest and mental health of our professionals, ClearSale periodically offers this pit stop as a way to gather a group of people discussing a topic of common interest. These well-organized discussions are developed by group coordinators and monitored by ClearSale professionals.

Not only do each of the 49 active Affinity Groups participate in regular discussions, but they also participate in a yearly social project that aligns with the group's theme.

One important program that evolved from these Affinity Groups in January 2016 was the Monitoring Program of the Affinity Groups (MPAG). Part of this program focuses on having the Educational Management Team encourage Affinity Groups to develop increasingly rich content for group participants. But the most important part of this program has been the opportunity to form and guide new company trailblazers. Developing and training these coordinators and mentors will assure the company of solid, competent future leadership.

A prime example of ClearSale's commitment to leadership is Adriana Patrocínio, a ClearSale collaborator since April 2016. She began with the team as a Level 2 Operator and learned through her supervisors that she would be eligible to move to a Level 4 Operator just three months after joining the company. Six months later, Adriana achieved her desired position.

"What I really wanted was to deal with people, and I knew the Multiplier position would be perfect for me," explained Adriana. "Thanks to the MPAG and the Affinity Group, I achieved my goal." There are a few specific aspects of the program that Adriana found particularly beneficial. Not only were the followups helpful, but she also found her leadership skills improving as she faced the challenges of redesigning her group's activities.

It's important to remember that leaders don't always naturally discover their talent at school, at home or even at work. Sometimes, leaders require the help of trained professionals to draw out and refine their hidden skills. And identifying the innate skills and talents in each person is exactly what ClearSale aims to do with the MPAG and Affinity Groups.

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